Wild Wild West

I’ve been waking up between 1:00- 3:00am this week. Today, a nightmare. My Democratic friend’s bill had been passed. It’s not him or his bill that was the problem.

One man in particular, he kept rolling over backwards sleepless. The money he had been laundering through the government, he would no longer obviously be able to get away with after this new bill. His wife expected a new Louis Vuitton bag every year. Her friends expected the bag. He anticipated the yearly blow job.

Only one option was left. He had a friend. If he hired all the people he suggested for every position at the new facility being built, they would pay him every penny he was missing from all the changes that had disrupted his posh life. He had no choice. His wife needed the bag. He needed the blow job. The mafia needed control. This is a political movement.

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