Word is bond.

Do I look like a Dumpledanger at Boneworks University? No, sir.. or ma’am. I don’t know. I haven’t used the Psych ops of Nudging on any particular target in an aggressive and repetitive pattern. I have merely observed. Some would call that a “watcher” …similar to a sounding board, but more romantic.

Realty. Sell a house. These are dropped lines, lines many have said.. give or take a bit. In a strange house. Alone with a stranger. These are the skepticisms I have in my own. Sluggish, according to some.

“Magic of song come into the light.”

If I were an insect, maybe treating me as a circuit board would be slightly less taxing. Locusts swarm and some wasps will lay their eggs inside of a caterpillar knowing it’s going to be eaten alive; never revealing the butterfly that the cocoon was thought to produce… only a new generation of stinging creatures. How’s that for a RUN ON? Let me feel your pulse when I look you in the eyes and ask you the dreaded questions:

“Are you Tennessee Williams?”

“Are you Lawrence Welk?”




“I’ll pick you up and take you to The Smoke House,” he might have said as he looked down at the horse clock stomach somewhere over the rainbow.

“Owa Tagu Siam.”

The faster you say those supposedly Siamese words the more it dawns on you that you are saying something else: “Oh what a goose I am.” Remember Aesop? The moral of "The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs" is provided at the end of the story. The final line reads: "Those who have plenty want more and so lose all they have."

I reflect on the strategies of The Tee Family Test; Puck Tee especially. A POOKA! There couldn’t be a way. “Steal a bike pump,” it probably said. “The bike pump is only $14.99,” I’d more than likely reply. Was it worth it… getting caught?

Enter the Void as the player piano plays because… I, for one, do not play the piano… except for maybe chopsticks. Is that or… just, all of this… Dogmatic of me?

Where is Amanda? The Leviathan? Observe without expectation or attachment and you will see. Brave New World.. doing that, isn’t it? Carnal Knowledge or Bioluminescence. Fireflies. Watch them sync their flashes.

I would like to think of myself as indomitable, but then there’s Paul Guest… paralyzed from the neck down… but, still somehow… indomitable. “Blue Lotus Flowers would grow well here; ban them,” said Louisiana. “BAN A PLANT!” “…..Ban? A? Plant?”

Let me now ask you this: Do you own Moldavite or lab created Moldavite? I’ll tell you something: It’s real if you believe it is. According to Greek mythology, humans were double beings. The Symposium. So, I keep a bluebird in my heart. The wino date care is closing, Martha. Could you come pick up your cheese stick?

Xoxo, Yetti

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