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“You don’t need Givenchy, you need Jesus.”

-Jack Harlow

Think about that for a moment. Jack Harlow sang the words, but did Jack Harlow write the words? Did he feel the words? Did he mean the words to First Class? On Wikipedia, the songwriters listed are as follows:

I don’t know who half of these people are. They all contributed to the song, but if we are being honest with ourselves… Jack Harlow gets all the credit. Right or wrong?

My answer is this, it depends on your circle of friends.

Who are your friends? Are all your friends aware of your other friends? Do you have secret friends? If someone is a secret or anonymous friend, does it make them more or less of a friend? Are there levels to friendship? Do you test the loyalty of your friends? Has a friend ever become a foe?

In the midst of friendetry and foetry, two words I proudly made up on the toilet, it brings me to the topic of the master and slave dynamic, to be PURPLE PILLED or to be PURPLE PILLING.

1. To be mind controlled, typically by a Mistress.

2. A process in which a subject is hypnotized, brainwashed or drugged into total compliance.

3. A form of female domination often involving a willing form of blackmail, used to fully subjugate a male into enslavement.


Bill was purple pilled by a Dominatrix, and he gave her all his passwords and account numbers. Now she owns him and he does her bidding.

None of the Bills out there in the world willingly turned themselves in if they are worth a damn; I’ll tell you that much. To snag a “Bill” …you’ve first got to snag every bit of information about them, and then use it against them.

What if I told you, I was once a “Bill” because my “friend” who looked a lot like Jesus sold all of my secrets, my deepest phobias, all of the most painful experiences in my life. My emotions and reactions then becoming entertainment for customers already equipped with my triggers. Are you sure that Givenchy doesn’t ease that kind of betrayal? Is Jesus all that I need, all that anyone needs?

Their only reply was this, “Going 90 I ain't scary cause I got the Virgin Mary.”

Xoxo, Yetti

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