You don’t quit in the pit.

Before I start comparing humans to animals, please bear with me. There are oh, so many similarities. Nobody wants to openly admit that though... except me.

I’m the favorite pound puppy. Except, I’m a pit bull and I’m not a puppy anymore. I was adopted once, but I snapped. With one unwarranted, vicious growl I was brought back. It’s probably where I belong though; always under the care of a professional dog handler. You see, before all of that, I had a really, really horrible owner. I began to resent him. The pound saw that I was a good dog; I just had blocks and triggers. Nobody else could see that. I like the pound because I like being a good girl. They made me feel like a good girl.

The pound was like my Navy Department of Defense. You don’t quit in the pit! Pit snipes make sure the ship has the power to move. I was the one constant at that pound. They never got rid of me, even when times got tough. They didn’t want to. We were eachother’s entire galaxy.

I always befriended the Blue Faces better than any other type of dog. The pound noticed this. Everytime a new blue pit would show up, they’d make sure to put it right next to me. They never lasted long. Everyone always wants the blues... but boy, were they fun... and bad... the type of naughty I’d never have the courage to be. I lived vicariously through their stories.

Then, there was Thor. The prettiest blue pit I ever saw, intelligent, loving, and consistent... a master de-escalator. If I ever had a litter of puppies, it would be with Thor. They let me keep him.

Xoxo, Yetti

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